How should I choose a mens toupee that suits me Part 1

Life is often faced with many choices. To choose a good mens toupee When you stand at a crossroads, the direction you choose will determine whether your journey is easy or not, especially when shopping about buying a mens hair piece.There are many mens hair system products on the market. For men's human hair wigs, men who need such products should have a good eye to buy a mens hair system that suits them. As a staff member in the wig industry, I would like to make these suggestions for you. I hope It can help you, especially those who are buying mens replacement for the first time.

First, the size, the size of our mens hair replacement  is the width by the length, and the commonly used ones are 6×8, 6×9, 8×10. Please note that some hair piece products you buy can be trimmed into small sizes. Small size and can not be trimmed to large, you can measure it yourself or ask someone to help you before buying.

Second, the color, the color should preferably be the same color as your own hair, like we have enough color choices and color samples, you can choose the color you are satisfied with, some customers who need to add white hair can refer to our It is normal and allowed to have a certain color difference between the picture and the real object because of the display problems of mobile phones and computers.

Density. Different customers have different needs. We have density chart for you to choose from.

80%  90% light density  100% light to medium density  110% light to medium density   115% Light to medium  density     120%  medium light to medium density

Generally speaking, there are several densities that are suitable for most people. The products we sell more are 120% density, because most of the density is 120%. People will consider their hair to look a little thicker and look natural, 90% and 100% are also natural, depending on your own needs
In terms of length, because most men have short hair, 6 inches is enough, you can trim it to your desired length and hairstyle
With the above points, this is the most basic mens toupee component. To buy a good wig, you need to consider the details of hair quality, base design, knots work, etc. I will introduce it in the next article. If you have any questions, please directly Contact us, email or message.

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