Skin, lace, mono, and a combination of the three with additional PU are the most common base materials used for men's toupees. Each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. One of our most popular hair pieces for men is the ULTRA THIN SKIN 0.03mm & 0.06mm, which has managed to stand out from the crowd. In Europe and North America, skin-base style, which accounts for approximately 45 percent of the market, has become the undisputed best seller! In this blog post we will primarily discuss what makes this men's hair piece stand out as the best hair piece for men.

What makes this type of super thin skin toupee the most popular among customers? Let's take a look at this:

Have you ever noticed what your customers are most concerned with when selecting their hair systems, given that there are numerous factors to consider? According to our interactions with our partners, how natural-looking a hair system appears is the most important factor for hair system users.

What makes it look more natural?

  • Very Thin-
The Ultra-thin Skin hair system is constructed of ultra-thin polyurethane. This material is extremely light and thin. It appears to be a piece of skin. As a result, when a customer wears it, the level of transparency makes him feel as if it is his own scalp. It's an incredible feeling, and it's even more incredible to be able to make someone else feel great.
  • V-looped-
To continue, the ventilation method used with Skin base systems is the V-looped ventilation method. Because no knots are used in this method, the hair looks exactly like it is growing naturally on head. It has the best undetectable effect, particularly along the hairline. In terms of consumers, a hair system is a part of their daily lives; it allows them to face each day with confidence. Nobody wants others to know they're wearing a male hair system; it's a very private matter.

For the end user’s perspective, Ultra thin skin is very simple to use and maintain.Unlike lace, ultra-thin skin is much easier to maintain. Because of the holes in lace, glue is not usable. The glue could seep through the holes and cling to the hair. If tapes are used, they must still be washed and cleaned on a regular and thorough basis to avoid any sticky matters left on the base, which will be mixed with the dust, causing hair to become tangled or mass. However, for ultra thin skin hair systems, there are no such concerns as those mentioned above. Both glue and tape are acceptable. In cleaning the base, soaking it with warm water peels off the glue or
tape easily.
To sum up, listed below are the strengths and weaknesses of the Ultra Thin Skin:
• It is extremely versatile in terms of styling;
• It is lightweight
• It is extremely simple to put on.
• Because it has a solid surface and no mesh holes, it is very easy to clean.
• When properly attached, there is no hair coming out of the underside of the base.
• Scratching the hair feels like scratching normal skin.
• Knots do not need to be bleached.
• Simple attachment and removal, thanks to the poly base's affinity for glue.
• When compared to other bases, it provides the most flawless realistic hairline appearance.
• It is not as comfortable as lace.
• If it is sealed in and has no holes, it can raise your body temperature and make you feel hot.
• Not particularly breathable
• If not properly secured, sweat will fight the adhesive and begin to break down the bond.
Although there is a higher frequency for replacement and thus a slightly higher cost, all other aspects are advantages, such as the most natural effect, soft, comfortable, good hair quality, no problems with maintenance and pressure of hair becoming tangled or hair loss, and ease of use.
If you’re climate is not hot and not price sensitive, ultra thin skin will be the best choice!

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