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Your Prestigious and Reliable Hair Replacement System Manufacturer and Supplier

We are looking for who has salons there can negotiate with us because we want to provide long time and have the desired prices. And if you are the one what we are looking for please join us we can assure you that we have high quality human hair you need. so, what are you waiting for? seize this opportunity. 

E-wigs Hair is an established manufacturer and distributor that has been producing high quality human and synthetic hair systems for over 20 years. And we have our very own factory. Because of this, we can offer our systems at a great, affordable price.  

Our store is currently able to ship worldwide. We have a large building in the US and China, and salons located in the USA, China, and Dubai. This enables the shipment of our goods fast and timely. 


 Additionally, you can rest assured to get Versatile yet Stellar human hair products when you purchase from us. We ensure that our designs can fit a variety of head shapes and sizes, keeping them adaptable to every customer's specification. We also closely monitor the production of our goods making sure every detail is precisely done to a standard.  


Our product is well-loved and enjoyed by our customers all over the globe. We can help you cover hair loss problems and achieve different hairstyles instantly. 


Here's what you can expect from us; 


 100% Human Hair (grey hair is synthetic) 

 Base designs are Durable, Breathable, and 

    Undetectable (natural and skin-like) 

 Easy to wear and can fit for all occasions 

 Affordable price for a superb product 

 Fast Worldwide Shipping 


We also customize so you have the choice to adjust the style, colour, and other features of the system accordingly. 


We are willing to negotiate to accommodate your needs. 


Our mission is to provide our customers with what they need to be their confident self. Our products undergo intense inspection in order to vet out any imperfections and provide you with an outstanding experience.

We at E-wigs Hair are offering not only a service but also an experience. The opportunity to define your look on your terms is too good to pass up. We are willing to negotiate to fulfill your needs. In this way we are sure that we can be there for you not only in this moment but for all of your future hair replacement requests.


You Can Rely On Us!

we can’t wait to have cooperation with you!

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