Hair,Wigs And Love(2022)

Today I am in a wigs office,one hair wigs with grey color bring me to my childhood and make me miss my grandma,her grey hair in my mind when I am a kid.

Alzheimer,make my grandma can't remember and know who she is,even her daughter.My mother accompany with her day and night and need to do everything because grandma can't take care of herself.What I remember most is that my grandma grey hair,my mother comb my grandma hair using a wood comb in every morning,that hair color,the grey with a little white hair looks like moonlight on face,every grey hair neat and soft,Grandma can't go outside but she looks like at least twenty years younger with the carefully help of my mother.Every morning,every day,the same thing in this way for 8 years,grandma's memory hide in the clouds,but mother's selfless giving teach me how to love family and grandma's grey hair,the look is remembered in my heart,forever.

No pay,no answer,no reply,my mother took care of grandma for 8 years without work,mother said it is a duty as child for parents.I think so and it is love make mother to do it.Parents love us when we are baby,we don't know or call mom or dad at birth,but love comes in advance when they know they have a baby.So it is the same thing,if parents don't know their kids,certainty we love them just like they love us.Love is no reason,we don't need to return something only give love back.

When we were a boy or girl,we have different hair color,time goes,hair get white and grey,life just like a subway,going in one direction,year by year,and when we stop to recall,there are must someone something warm you,and then let us keep moving.We hope our hair wigs can help you keep a good looking to face life and remember love what you love.$10 coupon on our website)

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