Why Are Our Lace Hair Systems so Expensive?

There are lace men's toupee in the market at various prices. The lace hair unit of our brand may be a little more expensive than other websites.
The reason is that we are using REAL Swiss Lace. This kind of lace is durable and expensive. 
Now the manufacturer of Swiss Lace is temporarily unable to produce it due to the epidemic. Therefore, there are products on the market that use a number of similarly shaped lace called Chinese Lace. But this material is completely different from real Swiss Lace. The cost price is low. One dollar can buy 10 square meters.
Low-cost materials, of course, have their fatal disadvantages. 
It has a very short service life. And is easily torn and deformed. These products are inferior in quality, and customers can’t distinguish between true and false based on website pictures alone. After the customer uses it for about two months, the hair system will start to lose hair badly, so that he cannot use the product.
This is what it looks like under a powerful microscope. 

As you can see from the picture, it is shaped by Resins, and this deformation method is very easy to deform. 
Soon after you use it, the product will be scrapped. 

But our company's French Lace was purchased before the epidemic. So the French Lace we used is the real Lace. They have lots of advantages, such as naturality, breathability, and durability. What's more, it's of high quality. 
A square meter of real Swiss lace costs about $50 to $60. Although our product price may be higher than other websites, we are reliable and responsible. One piece of Lace hair system can be used for 6-8 months under your careful maintenance. In comparison, it is more cost-effective to buy our products. 
The picture below is what our lace looks like under a microscope. 
As you can see, it's tight and doesn't deform easily. 


Here is our model picture of Full French Lace for your reference. It has Bleached Knots in front to create a natural hairline.
Customers who have purchased from our website have a high repurchase rate for this product.


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