The Popularity of BX2 Hair Replacement System

The Popularity of BX2 Hairpieces---

Recently, hair systems for men are becoming more and more popular with people with baldness or alopecia.
Our men's topper hairpiece is the best way to change yourself with impressive hairstyles and appearance.
Our BX2 Hairpiece Lace Toupee will bring you the best experience when wearing them.


It is the brotherhood with the design Octagon. This base with French Lace in Front and Center, Poly Skin at Sides and Back, which added strength and easy attachment and maintenance.
Bleached knots around the front hairline are undetectable; longer-lasting double knots are used everywhere. Breathable and durable are your best choice. 



We are willing to negotiate to accommodate your needs.  

Our mission is to provide our customers with what they need to be their confident selves. Our products undergo intense inspection in order to vet out any imperfections and provide you with an outstanding experience. 


Our professional teams are always willing to support and give you advice at any time. 


E-Wigs Hair Customer Service Department



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