Gamay Hairpiece - Different knotting methods lead to the different quality and prices of the men's hair system

As a factory with more than 20 years of production experience, what E-wigs hair value most is the quality of our men's toupee.

This article popularizes a very important issue that customers tend to overlook. 
That is Different Knotting methods lead to different quality and prices of men's hair systems.
In general, there are two knotting methods of Swiss Lace hair units: Double Split Knots and Reverse Split
Our factory uses the first method: Double Split Knots
This method requires a worker to hook a hair with two actions and takes twice as long as the second method.
It is also double the cost of handicrafts. 
Our factory has been using this method since its establishment. 
Because This way the hooked hair is not easy to fall out.
Even for the impact of the epidemic, the wages of the workers have doubled. 

We haven't changed our tradition either. 
Here is the video of the method Double Split Knots. 

This is our commitment to our customers, that is, quality first.
Please trust our brand, the quality will not let you down.

Some factories use the method Reverse Split.
In this way, the worker can hook a hair system with only one action.
This method saves time and effort, and workers will soon finish one hair system.
But it has a very serious disadvantage. It is also a fatal shortcoming for the hair system. The hair system is easy to lose hair. 
The video below can let us see this process more clearly. 

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