About the hair loss of the French lace Men’s toupee

There are now so many lace Men’s toupee in the market, but how do we judge if the hair system is a good product (use real French lace or Swiss lace/without hair loss issue/ last for a long time/ natural hairline/sofT and comfortable etc..) We are going to talk about it in two perspectives:

The base net of the mens hair system

 Not all men hair systems are created equal. A variety of different materials can be used for the base of a toupee. Those who have very limited experience with them may not think the exact differences are obvious at a glance. Our French lace hair system will bring you the best experience when you wearing them, cause we are using the real French lace as the base net. Lace hair system ranks as the first when considering the balance between comfort, durability and realisticity. And now there are lots of companies using fake lace materials which is totally different. They are not real double buckle production. Many small enterprises are replacing real French Lace and Swiss Lace with amazon and other platforms.


As you can see in the above picture, the nets become thick and unnatural. It is very easy to tear when combing your hair, and this deformation method is very easy to deform. Soon after you use it, the product will be scrapped.

But you don’t have to worry since we are one of the only real Swiss lace and French lace at the moment. Because lace hair system ranks as the first when considering the balance between comfort, durability, and realisticity. French lace toupee is a special type of hair system which human hair is tied all by hand to a lace material, and here is the picture of what our French lace looks like under a microscope.


As you can see, it is tight and doesn’t deform easily.

The ventilation method

There are two methods used to finish the lace hair system, double split knots and reverse split knots.

What is used by our factory is double split knot. This method requires two actions from the workers to hook a hair and takes twice as long as the second method. Is it also twice as the price of the hair system. This method has been used by our factory since its inception. Because the hooked hair is less likely t fall out this way. Despite the epidemic’s impact, workers wages have more than doubled. We haven’t deviated rom our tradition either.

In the meanwhile, reverse split method is used by some factories. As a result, the workers can hook a hair system with a single action. This method saves time and effort, and workers can complete one hair system in a short period of time which greatly reduce the costs. And what most important is, reverse split method has a significant disadvantage that the hair system is prone to hair loss. But our E-wigs Hair men's toupee can last more than 4 mouths and even more than 6 mouths if you take good care of it.

In this way, we are sure that we can be there for you not only at this moment but for all of your future hair replacement requests. Looking for your best has never been easier than with E-WIGS Hair replacements. A younger, fresher, more exciting look at your fingertips. 


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